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Rent the Salone Caleido

The Garden Hotel Primavera offers the Caleido event hall for daily and half-day rent.

The Hall has a separate entrance from the hotel and can be hired for meetings, seminars, workshops and various types of activities. 

Rental prices

Full day: CHF 150

Half day: CHF 100

Tables and chairs are made available.

In addition, a herbal tea corner is set up and carafes of water and glasses are made available.

In order to know other details and receive a personalized quote, please fill in the contact form at the foot of the page.


If the organization of aperitifs for between 15 and 40 people is required, we offer a personalized quote for room rental and aperitif.

Events with garden use

Even if there is interest in renting both the room and the garden or terrace, personalized estimates will be proposed.

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