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I Tesori di Brissago - The Brissago family treasure hunt

I tesori di Brissago caccia al tesoro
I tesori di Brissago

The treasure hunt in Brissago is certainly the most beautiful among those offered in the Ascona-Locarno region. And now we'll tell you why...

Thanks to the Brissago treasure hunt, you travel through time rediscovering Brissago in its history but also in its myths, meeting illustrious figures who have made its history.

From pirates sailing the waters of Lake Maggiore to the saints who blessed its churches, the characters follow one another, recounting an unknown Brissago, often even to those who live here.

Little devils, dragons, and knights are just some of the encounters you will have that will reveal the stories and myths that make our Brissago unique and unmissable.

The Treasures of Brissago - How it works:

Download the I Tesori di Brissago app (free)

Go to the Caffè Incontro, where the very kind waitresses will give you a map, a special piece of chalk, and explain how the game works.

Thanks to the application, you can navigate to reach the places where you can collect treasure coins.

At the end of the hunt, return to the Caffè Incontro to collect your prize.

Who is the treasure hunt in Brissago suitable for?

This treasure hunt will entertain children, thanks to the diversified route that goes from the lake to the woods and then to the river, but also adults who will discover educational information about the village and the characters who made its history.

And for the little ones?

If you have children under 4 years old: avoid bringing a stroller, as there are many stairs to climb and a very narrow path. If you have children under two years old, opt for a backpack carrier instead, otherwise take it easy :-)

How long does the treasure hunt in Brissago last?

It all depends on you! If you have very young children, you can also decide to split the adventure into two afternoons, thus avoiding them getting too tired. If everyone in the family enjoys walking, then plan for about 1 hour and 30 minutes, but the beauty is taking it easy, so don't rush and take advantage of this wonderful experience :-)

I tesori di Brissago - Chiesa del Sacro Monte
I tesori di Brissago

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