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2022 Crossfit Outdoor at the Garden Hotel Primavera

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

For the 2022 season, starting from March, the Garden Hotel Primavera offers its guests but also residents, Crossfit Outdoor classes in groups of 5/6 people. Classes will be held Tuesday and Thursday from 6:50 am to 8:00 am and Friday - Saturday and Sunday from 7:50 am to 9:00 am.

Functional Training

The workout lasts 60 - 70 min. Free body exercises are planned with a few tools.

Suitable for everyone, without exception

Functional training with the fun CrossFit protocol is suitable for everyone, more or less young men and women. We change the intensity and weights according to everyone's needs.

Health first

The training is itinerant and constantly varied. Gymnastic exercises are combined, such as running, step climbs in the streets of the town, squats, push-ups, exercises with kettlebells and Med balls. We combine sequences, duration and intensity in a constantly varied and fun way. Don't forget to wear a comfortable swimsuit under your sportswear, a swim in the lake after a sequence of burpees and squat jumps may not be so unlikely :-) Get ready for anything for an hour of pure sport.

We believe in a community of people who respect their bodies and the environment

If you love sports and psychophysical health then you cannot miss the program of our combined CrossFit workouts, Yoga and Pilates classes, Mindfulness sessions, local explorations in trekking or MTB. Our staff will be able to make your stay at the Garden Hotel Primavera unique

Book your seat ...

directly together with your hotel room

on our site by choosing the session that interests you in our calendar

or by contacting us by phone at 076 699 14 01

Rate: CHF 25 per person per lesson

The material is made available by the Garden Hotel Primavera






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