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Panoramic bike trekking

A wonderful bike ride on the paths and old roads of the Brissago-Terre di Pedemonte region accompanied by one of our sports collaborators and experts on the roads of the region.

You can certainly ride a bike alone, but with a guide it's all the more fun! You will discover different roads and paths, stories and anecdotes of the places, viewpoints, fountains and details that often escape tourists.

The routes chosen and proposed by our guides are suitable for amateur cyclists with both electric and non-electric mountain bikes. The duration of the Trekking is about 3 hours.

Participation fee: CHF 25 per person

The bike trekking takes place on the days of:

Monday: meeting at the hotel at 9:30

Thursday: meeting at the hotel at 9:30

Book your seat ...

... directly with your hotel room

... on our site by choosing the bike tour that interests you in our calendar

or by contacting us by phone at 076 699 14 01

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